Canadian – American Poster Network

Diesel Island Pump Toppers, Wall Posters and other Media at Truckstops

Diesel Island Pump Toppers / Wall Posters / Mileage Guides

Framed posters on the top of diesel fuel pumps offer the maximum amount of exposure to truckers at truckstops and fuel stops. These compact posters target the fueling trucker who averages 22 minutes on the fuel Island for each fueling stop. Available by fueling demographics, O-T-R, local, regional, port freight, independent or chain truckstops. To view Poster Truckstop locations click here.


Total viewing exposure throughout the Poster Network exceeds millions daily. Individual truckstop traffic counts, as verified on videotape, range from a daily average of 521 to 4,089.

Network Servicing

Network facilities are serviced by Cap Company contractors. This exclusive service provides advertisers with a guarantee of maximum workability for whatever truckstop advertising medium is selected.

Showing Verification

Advertising installation by field representatives is recorded with computerized affidavits verifying showings. All installations are regularly inspected by Network audits.