The web portal to CAP Companies, Inc. and their related entities and associates.

CAP Companies is Exclusive to the Truckstop and Trucking Industries

Started as a Canadian-American poster network, CAP has evolved into the premier truckstop site evaluation company in North America. CAP Companies also offers industry surveys, product sampling, research & consulting plus expert witness testimony. CAP maintains the most extensive database of truckstop information, with decades of historical and trend data.

Our Promises

Confidentality: All data received from the client and contents of all reports are confidential between CAP Companies and the client.

Timely Delivery: The completed job report will be delivered within forty-five working days from the date of an executed agreement by the client, and payment of fees.

References will be furnished on your request. Fees vary according to depth of the study, the time required and the agreed upon objectives.
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