Truckstop Travel and Trucking Related Research

A Selection of Past Research, Consulting, Survey, and Site Analysis Projects

Truckstops and Truck Drivers –
A Changing Relationship



 Over the Road Heavy
 Duty Oil Change Market



Cap Companies Research/ Consulting Projects:

Medical Measures, Inc. – Kansas City, MO
      Research medical services available at truckstops within the U.S.

ExxonMobil – Irving, TX
      Update Study of Truckstop Market

Georgia Dept of Transportation – Chamblee, GA
      Property evaluations

Teachers – Private Capitol – Toronto, ON
      Site Surveys and Consulting for the purpose of purchasing TA

McKinsey & Company – Toronto, ON
      Truckstop Industry history & Consulting, reference sale of TA

ExxonMobil Lubricant Truck Stop Market Analysis – Fairfax, VA
      Analysis of truckstop market

Gold Star No 1, LLC (Ryanco, Inc.) – Tempe, AZ
      Research opportunities for related retail and service businesses to develop balance of site

S & H Solutions – Delray Beach, FL
      Research the Truckstop industry loyalty programs and recommend re-entry strategy

TV ASAHI Network, Japan – Los Angeles, CA
      Consult on road trip filming at Truckstops

Holiday Companies – Minneapolis, MN
      Research report to evaluate existing truck fueling locations and new opportunities

Olsson Associates – Lincoln, NE
      Truckstop building/remodeling research

Travel Channel – Worldwide Production, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA
      Provide list of locations and amenities to quality as “World’s Best Truckstops –
      and participate in filming

Wawa Inc., Baltimore Pike – Wawa, PA
      Research report to determine pros & cons regarding entry to the truckstop industry

Marks Clare & Richards, Attorneys at Law – Omaha, NE
      Wings America Travel Center consultation


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