Truck Driver Surveys and Product Sampling

Trucker intercept and kiosk surveys are another function of CAP Companies.

Experienced field service surveyors are available to perform on-site surveys at various interstate locations including truckstops, travel centers and rest areas. Proprietary surveys can also be accomplished via the internet and at trucking industry shows.

CAP Companies can create the survey, collect the responses and provide the cross-tabulated results.

Here’s an example of a survey

Question: Which reasons contributed to you making this stop?

(Truckers Reponses: Respondents asked to list all reasons.)

      % Change in usage
  2008 1987 1987 to 2008
Food 73% 66% 10%
Restaurant Full Service 35% 66% -47%
Fast Food/QSR1 38% N/A N/A
Restroom 87% 59% 47%
Telephone 12% 59% -80%
Rest/Relax 47% 51% -8%
Fuel2 65% 46% 41%
Shower 31% 28% 11%
General Store/C-Store3 68% 33% 106%
Find a Load 13% 15% -13%
Maintenance 11% 8% 38%
Games 4% 8% -50%
Scales4 27% 7% 286%
Laundry 10% 6% 67%
Vending Machines 7% 4% 75%
Permit Services 1% 2% -50%
Other: 10% 2% 400%


  1. Fast food was largely non-existent at truckstops in 1987.

  2. The higher percentage of fuel purchasers reflects the reduced number of stops truckers make daily.

  3. General stores have been merged into C-stores since the first study. In 1987, truckstops had general stores or convenience store offerings, vs. the full-scale C-stores found in truckstops today.

  4. Will Moon, of CAT scale and Iowa 80 Group, notes that truckstop scales were not as common in 1987 as now. A demand for more certified scales led to more truckstop scales, particularly near pickup points.

Cap Companies Survey and Sampling Projects

Bayer Group –Aleve Pain Reliever Sampling
     Distributed free Aleve samples at truckstops

Chevron Lubricants – Survey
     Survey of Mid-America Trucking Show Truck Beauty participants to determine oil/lubricant usage

TR Information Publishers – Clearwater, FL
      Trucker directory needs and use of existing products

AMBEST – Truckstop Marketing Group – Brentwood, TN
      Trucker Surveys to research brand recognition and recall

Marks, Clare & Richards, Attorneys – Omaha, NE
      Driver surveys to determine needs vs. desires at Truckstops

Ultra Express Truck Wash, LLC – Modesto, CA
      Truck wash habits and selections of over-the-road truckers

Cat Scale Company – Walcott, IA
      Brand recognition and recall survey of truckers

Newport Communications – Irvine, CA *


Multiple surveys and research reports targeting:



1. Over-the-road truckers



2. Interstate truckstops



3. Trucker habits and profiles



Specific Titles:


1. Truckstops & Truck Drivers: A Changing Relations, 2008


2. Trucking in the Heartland, 2007


3. Profile of the Latino Trucker II, 2008


4. Profile of the Latiino Trucker, 2005


5. Profile of the Interstate Owner-Operator, 2003


6. Opinion Survey Among Over-the-Road Truckers: Where and Why Truckers Choose to stop atTruckstops and Travel Plazas, 1997


7. Profile of the Interstate Trucker: Part I Demographics, Interests & Attitudes, 1998


8. Profile of the Interstate Trucker: Part II Buying & Maintenance Practices, 1998


9. Analysis of the On-the-Road Market: Lubricant, Coolant and Fuel – Usage in Trucks and Construction Equipment, 1998


* Design/surveys/conclusions/reports all partially or totally conceived and/or completed by Tom Stanford during his Newport Communications career.