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Site Analysis

Truckstops • Travel Centers • Truck Washes 

Objective site analysis: why it’s important to the success of your project

Stakeholders in a proposed truckstop are often too close to the project to observe and evaluate objectively – a natural bias that can lead to costly errors. That’s why an objective third-party analysis is so important to future profitability.

The CAP Companies team brings experience and expertise to your project. We also bring an extensive database of sales and operations information from truckstop locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our knowledge and tools enable us to project sales volumes and recommend specific profit centers for your project. We deliver a comprehensive report that lets you see the whole picture.

The industry’s most extensive database on truckstop and travel center locations

No one has a larger or more complete database of truckstop and travel center
information. Constantly enlarged and updated, our database brings current facts and figures to your customized analysis. Our database includes hundreds of current truckstop and travel plaza financial statements, providing the guidance and comparisons that enable our team to make the most informed site analysis, operating proforma, business plans and suggested operational changes.

What you’ll learn from our detailed analysis

Our site analyst will meet with site principals to evaluate proposed facility concepts, objectives and marketing strategies. The site meeting includes a review of the business plan, survey data and interchange evaluation. We then perform our analysis and deliver a comprehensive written report, including specific recommendations to allow proposed facilities to perform successfully within the business area of competing truckstops and travel centers.

Projected sales
Truckstop/travel plaza: diesel, gasoline, restaurant, C-store, travel store and garage.
Fuel stop: diesel, gasoline, C-store.
Truck wash: type of wash.

Recommended profit centers
We recommend the combination of profit centers most likely to yield the highest return on investment for your market area. 

Competitor analysis
We visit and document all competitive truckstops/fuel stops within the business area of the project. Each competitive location is evaluated and rated. We provide maps detailing the locations of all competitive facilities and a comprehensive fact sheet outlining services, estimated volumes, and strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

Fuel cost and taxes
Our report includes state use fuel taxes. We analyze current taxing within the site state as well as adjoining states, with emphasis on fuel optimizing. Our report examines both net prices to the consumer and pump prices within the market area. We also review tolls, weigh stations, state emission requirements and other factors.

The report examines highway billboard opportunities and on-site signage needs.

Traffic counts
We report multiple-axle truck traffic counts at selected interstate interchanges. Both non-truck and multiple-axle truck traffic counts are noted for the project area.

Research and Surveys

Research and Consulting

The CAP Companies team has decades of experience in the truckstop and travel plaza business. Our clients include a wide range of companies and governmental agencies that do business within the truckstop/truck fueling industries. Please contact us for copies of our research.

Industry Surveys

Our experienced field service surveyors perform on-site surveys at locations including truckstops, travel centers, rest areas and national and regional truck show events. CAP Companies can create the survey, collect the responses and provide the cross-tabulated results. Fill out our contact form for more information.

Survey types include:

  • Trucker product usage
  • Trucker habits and profiles
  • Brand recognition and recall
  • Trucker opinion
  • Distribution of product samples

Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness

Tom Stanford, principal of CAP Companies, has consulted and testified nationwide on legal matters including truckstop condemnation, pedestrian accidents, on- site trucking accidents, accidental deaths, cargo theft, owner/lessee conflicts and post-sale issues.


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